Agromon is a unique device that enabled Smart Agriculture implemetation. It is easy to use, simply plug-n-play, practically no configuration at all. Wireless communication either in Sigfox, LoRa, or WiFi.

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Agromon is an interface Wireless Transmitter designed for Agriculture application that is easy to install with minimal system setup. It is PLUG-n-PLAY where the user can simply plug in the sensors included in the package and everything is good to go. Other sensors not in the list are available to interface per request; customization is provided.

Agromon comes with 3 sensors input or with 2 sensors input.

Input Power Source

Up to 14V DC

Batteries, Solar Energy, or Power Adapter

Power Consumption

Sleep Mode: 3 mW


Sigfox / LoRaWAN / WiFi

Sensor Interface

Modbus RS485

Ingress Protection



130mm x 90mm x 40mm