AGROMON - Wireless Gateway

SigFox Wireless Interface.

Modbus RTU Plug-n-Play.

Agromon is a SigFox based Gateway that is easily installed with minimal system setup. It is built-in with industrial standard RS485 Modbus RTU interface that interface with most of the industrial sensors. Agromon has a list of sensors for Agriculture and Aquaculture applications.

There are three versions of Agromon products available.

Agromon Versions


SigFox based Gateway with 2x RS485 Modbus RTU input


SigFox based Gateway with 2x RS485 Modbus RTU input and built-in Temperature & Humidity sensors


SigFox based Gateway with 3x RS485 Modbus RTU input

Projects Deployment

Actual deployment for Agromon products.

Pineapple Plantation

Soil pH monitoring for Pineapple growth

Pineapple Plantation

Soil Temperature & Moisture monitoring for Pineapple growth

Aquaculture Application

Water quality monitoring for Shrimp farming

Agromon @ DeTech Conference

Agromon exhibit at technical conference

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